Drug Offenses and Felonies

Just because law enforcement levels a drug offense or felony charge against you doesn’t mean they will automatically get a conviction. There’s a long road to travel between them placing handcuffs on you and a final courtroom verdict. By working with an attorney experienced in drug offenses and felonies, a strong defense can be mounted that requires the state prove every aspect of its case. There will also be opportunities to negotiate with prosecutors and agree to an acceptable disposition based on the facts. At the law offices of J. Clay LeJeune, we’ll fight to protect your rights.

Drug Offenses

The state and federal government classifies illegal drugs into “schedules,” based on their public health risk and addictive nature. Schedule I drugs are considered the greatest danger and include highly addictive substances such as heroin and LSD. This class encompasses drugs that have little or no legitimate medicinal benefits. Convictions for possession or trafficking drugs in this group can include significant prison sentences.

At the other end of the spectrum, Schedule VI drugs pose little public health risk. Substances such as unlawful marijuana possession rarely carry an incarceration penalty. However, the sale or distribution of this class of drugs may rise to a serious felony if state attempts the heighten the charge based on the amount in question. It’s important to have legal representation when facing any drug allegation.


Louisiana has always been a tough-on-crime state and felony charges such as theft, battery, burglary and others are vigorously prosecuted. Many serious felonies carry mandatory prison sentences and it’s imperative that you have an experienced defense attorney to stand up for your rights. You are presumed innocent unless the state can prove otherwise and we can put forward strong criminal defense on your behalf.

Criminal Defense

Anytime the government levels a charge, it must prove those allegations beyond a reasonable doubt. As an experienced criminal defense firm, we can challenge a variety of aspects of the state’s case and argue their methods are faulty. These include:

  • Entrapment
  • Unlawful Search and Seizure
  • Planted or tainted evidence
  • Inconclusive laboratory results
  • Chain of evidence possession gaps

Although the state has significant resources, mistakes are made and we’ll make them prove their case or negotiate a fair and just resolution.

If you have been charged with a drug offense or felony, contact J. Clay LeJeune, Attorney at Law, immediately.

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