Civil Rights and Constitutional Violations

America struggles between reaching for the dream articulated by the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the realities of discrimination and inequity under the law. We do not yet live in a nation in which people are solely judged by the “content of their character.” Race, creed, religion and gender are just some of the measures law enforcement uses to profile and charge citizens with crimes. Discriminatory practices violate the basic Civil and Constitutional Rights of every member of our community. When you are unfairly targeted or mistreated, it’s imperative that you work with an experienced Louisiana Civil Rights and Constitutional Violations attorney. At the law offices of  J. Clay LeJeune, we’ll fight to protect your rights and hold responsible parties accountable.

False Arrests

The unfortunate reality of the judicial system is that some people are charged with crimes they did not commit. The arrest process puts everyday people through unfair public scrutiny, mental anguish and even physical pain. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the charge, a false arrest may be a violation of your rights. If wrongly accused, you may get justice by filing a civil lawsuit against police and other officials.

Wrongful Convictions

Eyewitness testimony, coerced confessions and other types of faulty evidence leads to convictions that should never happen. There are also many cases of the law and legal procedure being applied incorrectly or with bias. People have spent decades behind bars for crimes they did not commit. The emergence of credible DNA and forensic evidence, coupled with vigorous appeals have helped to exonerate the innocent.

Racial Profiling and Targeting

Discrimination can appear in many forms. Police are directed to be aggressive in areas associated with criminal activity. Officers tend to show bias in certain areas or where they see someone who they think does not belong. This leads to racial profiling and targeting of individuals who are less financially able to defend themselves.

Police Brutality

There are policies and procedures in place that outline the reasonable use of force during an arrest. Unfortunately, officers sometimes lose their composure and take out frustrations on citizens. It’s difficult to watch the news and see videos of people being beaten and killed by police without sufficient criminal consequences. The victims and families of these actions must often seek justice through lawsuits that holds officials responsible for civil rights violations and fairly compensates injured parties.

Inequality under the law is unacceptable in a free society. If you believe your Civil and Constitutional Rights have been trampled, Clay LeJeune, Attorney at Law, today.

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